Anger is the most ignored, misused, and misunderstood human faculty.
There is nothing wrong with anger,
in fact, it can be, if used intelligently,
a tremendous source of creativity.
A blatant example of anger's misuse can be found in one's critical voice.
Criticism, both of yourself and others, is a destructive expression of anger.
The unleashing of anger upon yourself is a major reason
the child-within remains distrustful, inhibited and uncommunicative.
The actor must learn to refuse to allow any form of criticism to exist within the mind.
This is done by realizing that criticism is nothing more than energy directed,
unconsciously and habitually, against oneself.
The expression of complaining and criticism, against yourself and others,
is dishonest and inhuman, whereas, the inner expression
of pure anger and hatred against others is both honest and human.
There is a subtle yet vast difference.
The internal expression of anger upon everything in the universe,
except oneself,
is not only to be allowed, but to be vigorously encouraged.
The actor can then experience the inner child's relief and joy of being
allowed to express anger without inhibition.
Realize there is nothing inherently dangerous in anger.
It is fear in action, a universal life force, a manifestation of energy.
In the hands of an artist, it is an invaluable tool and
a wellspring of creativity.
This will also give a signal to the child-within that one,
you will not allow it to be bullied by a petty, habitual and destructive inner voice,
and two, you will support all efforts towards a truthful inner life.

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