Impressions of Beauty

To sustain life, a human being must eat and breathe.
To sustain an artistic life, there is a third sustenance, beauty.
Beauty is the artist's conscious food.
Without food and air there is no life, without beauty there is no art.
The "eating" and "digesting" of beauty is both
the artist's reward and gift to humanity.
The "consumption" of impressions of beauty must become second nature to the actor.
One need not look farther than one's daily life to find them.
To a child who witnesses life for the first time,
all is an impression of wonder and beauty.
To an artist, the child-within is the bridge
to this innate and invaluable talent.
This is instinct to a child, and the conscious play of an artist.
To ignore the inner eye for beauty is the stillbirth of art,
to awaken it is the artist's birthright.

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