Within every actor there is an inner voice of self-criticism.
It is without exception,
the reason the child-within remains hidden and inaccessible.
Nothing cripples more the creativity, spontaneity,
and openness of a child than self-criticism.
Understand it is a very small, noisy, ignorant and petty voice.
It only remains important as long as one believes in its importance.
Understand that it is an habitual voice, based on your upbringing,
and has no relevance whatsoever to your present life as an artist.
It is your responsibility as an artist,
to dismantle the power this voice has over yourself.
An actor is never the critic.
An actor does not spend energy on judging what is within or without.
This is not only a waste of energy, but also harmful to the creative process.
Realize, even criticism of criticism eventually must be dropped.
An actor leaves all criticism to others.

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