I dreamt I woke up immersed in a thick black tumor.
Gelatinous, sweating - an exposed organ,
it covered and filled my chest, stomach and crotch.

All the cruelty, malignity and inhumanity inflicted
on my childhood by my family
lay within this tangible metaphor.

The pain was so intense I felt nothing
but the unbearable heaviness of constricted breath.

The certainty dawned
that all my waking thoughts, feelings,
hopes, aspirations, wishes, desires,
(r)evolved directly on, by and within this death star.

Within the darkness
flickered a firefly.
As the mind's eye
- intuitively attracted -
hovered on the now swooping dragonfly,
the wings of my Self spread
scattering the tumor black into oblivion.

Breath became light
a simple sweet joy of existence swept through...

A door slammed
my mind emptied

and I realized I was not dreaming.