Saturday Morning

          as I
          embrace reality accept others
          and                                                                 savor                                                                               
          the interchangeable play:

          move bonsai - sense being 
          expose roots - understand self
          return bonsai - grow attention
          water - count in head
          pinch dead buds - hold breath
          weed - root out negative emothoughts
          lock a gate - open humor's door 
          sit on ass - perceive light
          eat fries, feed dogs - share pleasure
          mirror a child's glance - inexhale wonder

          in the geniegeniusgenital
          spiralspinal diamond pulse, 

          bloom into a translucent 
          simultaneous beingdoing
          and I                                                         real eyes

          the sweated brow
          cool drink
          sea air
          color of roses
          and a 
          black raven's primal crow
          atop a church steeple cross,

          my mind's breadthbreath
          than the                                                                                
                                                                     nascent sky.