He was born with a shock of red hair.
His mother under ether,
his father abroad;
the infant's first touch
was from Pearl,
the maternity nurse,
an enormous black woman
pillowed in a sea of white
who exclaimed:
"Why, this child is on fire!"

A city park.
- Summer - dusk - hot -
After a performance
an exhausted clown talks with friends.
In a patch of dirt nearby,
a bat writhes.
A cry to put it out of its misery.
The clown gets a stick and prepares to strike
- but silent and sudden -
two bats fly away.

A man is in a play.
After a performance the actors return to the dressing room.
His coat, with his wallet is missing.
People ask: "How much cash did you have?"
He thinks: "Where is my ID?"
They look inside and outside the theater;
everyone asking again and again: "How much cash did you have?"
Finally he screams:
"I don't give a fuck about the cash - I just want my identity!"
The man wakes up in a cold sweat.

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