or as we say up yours, Up Yours!

Allow me to introduce my entity to you.
My name is fractal nameor Fractal J in your language.

Do not be frightened. I come to you in compassion and curiosity.

I was born on Io, moon of Jupiter in the year 1442, - .009621 htaerbs,
or 620 years in your mathematics, after this very moment in space time,
but more about that later.
My ancestors, like yours, are human, but only partly so.

Let me explain.

In .004242 htaerbs, or 480 years in your future,
known as the Time of Fusion,
a cross breeding of species between human and amoeba occurred.
As in all great moments in evolutionary history, this happened quite by accident.

A female Nanotronaut,
all deep space travelers are nano, but more about that later,
on an exploratory mission to the constellation Taurus,
was encamped on the planet Marcion,
the largest orbital planet of the star Aldebaran.
One morning, while doing her mandatory yogantric breathing exercises,
she inadvertently inhaled a gaseous amoebae
known now as paternal bacillus marcionicillus,
colloquially called the Big Itch.
.00000000042-96 htaerbs later, or in 22 months, the first binary infant was born.

A tumultuous period of rejection and ultimate acceptance,
known as the Great Ignorance followed, but more about that later.
After the Epiphany of the Fingering Infant, the benefits became apparent.
Simply put, a convergence between
humanity’s insatiable restlessness and Marcion’s essential isness
gave the new life form an enhancing dose of a substance called the
Big Third,
or the
Infinite Mirror,
or as our younger generation like to call it,
Yo Yo Observo.

The external physical manifestation of this new hybrid species
was negligible for humanity and considerable for the Big Itch.
Other than the pupil and iris of the eyes universally an iridescent turquoise,
and only the pupil and iris,
unlike other stimulants which have been known to discolor the sclera
the new species retained their previous appearance.

The change in the internal physical and psychic manifestation however,
was anything but negligible.
I will attempt to explain this change in such a way as your primitive mind can comprehend.

But before I do, I think, before we go any further,
I need to enlighten you with a wee bit of scientific history.
So go ahead, take a look at the 2 below,
inhale, and I'll see you in an htaerb...