up yours, Up Yours!

Now, what may seem like pretty or exotic image captures to you, are to me, maps.
But not mere lineal, geographical maps, but rather
42 dimensional, space-time, reflection projections of the past.

Each one of the six image captures you have just seen represent one past century,
the last being yours.
Since the year of this transmission is in our 1442, or your 2630,
your century straddles the millennium.

You see, I am a genealogical cartographer.

Actually, I am a student studying to become a genealogical cartographer.
To become a fully licensed genealogical cartographer
you have to ‘map’ six past centuries and in the last century make a contact.
The contact must be with a distant, related ancestor.

This is where you come into the picture.

Yes, David Eric Juda, you are, according to my Genome Probe, on your fathers side,
that very distant relative.
I even have an image capture of you.


It is you at your age 13,
in the earth city Jerusalem,
on your 7th of March, 1962, at your time of 4:42:42PM.
The reason for the precise time for the image capture can be found in this
some more about that

As I was saying, the previous six maps are multi-dimensional.
What I showed was for you clear and in focus, but not for us.
I will now adjust the image so it begins to have focus for us.
To see what we need for full focus would burn your retina, literally.
This will give you a taste of what a 42 dimensional imagery looks like.
As a bonus I placed a big fat orange arrow to show the wormhole,
yes, they do exist, some more about that,
through which the Jerusalem image was found.