up yours, Up Yours!

Getting fuzzy for you but just beginning to focus for me.

Now, yet another aspect of this map difficult to describe is its variable size.
Our nano technology is a seamless marriage of
organic biology and synthetic computational machinery.
With this ‘tool’ we are able to create and re-create
whatever our necessity and imagination can conceive.

About .002424 htaerbs ago, 200 years or so, S.D. Matter,
a sex therapist by day, amateur nanologist by night,
while inflating a sex toy, had an epiphany.
To make a very long story short,
after a considerable amount of heavy breathing,
she devised a device that could enlarge any and all nano creations
to whatever size desired.
The device is simply called the BLOW,
and there is not a job BLOW cannot enlarge.
So, with the BLOW, we can vary the size of our fractal genealogical maps
from the tiniest quarks, to believe it or not, the length and breadth of untold light years.
Oh yes, Size Does Matter’s real name was Re Dick U Lust, the 't' being silent.

OK, take a deep breath, for before we go any further, a word about fractals.

The mathematics for its creation bore fruit in your century,
but its seeds came centuries earlier.
Think of this diamond shaped depiction as a tree with
Leibniz the acorn, Mandelbrot the flower,
and the others as the trunk, roots, branches and leaves.
If you so desire, tighten your sphincter on viewing a name, and a brief bio will appear.
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Also, for your edification, here is a futurist of your time,
talking about the then recent birth of fractal mathematics.
It is for us, laughably primitive, your Google always gives us a giggle,
but you may find it informative.
Again, to attempt to explain explicitly
what we now do with fractals would be impossible.
I mean, it won’t be for another century before you all will live through the
Bio-Inert Matter Synthesis Revolution


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Or don’t go and we will continue.

Either way, here I am and there you are.

In essence, fractal is the semaphore of the infinite universe.

What makes it tangible, accessible and practical to us, is the Law of 42.
The Law of 42 gives us a finite structure, a prism as it were,
to gaze on and into the wonders of the cosmos.
Now, a fractal genealogical map is just one small, but obviously for me, vital,
application of this awe-inspiring cosmic knowledge.

I think now is a good time to continue our journey through the solar system.
For Jupiter, the center for all Marcion learning is next, and with it,
all the splendor and grandeur of the fractal is just a htaerb away.