up yours, Up Yours!

Within the fable above, all Homo Marcion knowledge is found.

Every and all branches of sciiintuition, yes sciintuition,
some more about that
are represented in this colorful yet simple depiction.

Each cube represents one branch, or, as it were, one root, of the Marcion
tree of sciintuitive perception and realization.
If you wish, count down from the left side 7 rows, then count six cubes in,
inhale, - ed. note - click - and voila, the opening map of genealogy.

Along with the 63 moons, there are innumerable HoneyDomes orbiting Jupiter.
Each satellite host various centers of Marcion learning.
Each satellite host what you humans would call centers of discipline or learning,
but what we Marcionion’s know as,
Centers of Chaos.

In the world of fractal,
chaos is structure, it is form and content,
it is the universe’s vocabulary manifest, unfettered and unleashed
for all children of the JEWCE to savor!


I’ll be back in a htaerb...


OK, OK, I’m back. Excuse the outbreak.
I got a little carried away with a Waggle and Tremble Dance,
some more about that.

Why don’t we dial things down.
Ah let’s see, oh yes, this might interest you.
My home, as I said earlier, is Io, the third largest Jovian moon.
Here it is with an arrow pointing to the quadrant where I live.


Beautiful, no?

My hobby, as everyone who lives here, is volcanoes.
A day doesn’t go by without one spectacular eruption taking place.
From a honeycomb in my HoneyDome,
I have a clear view of 13 various sized volcanoes,
everyone of them active.

And O yes, when I need to walk my inner dog, I just put on my vulcan suit,
grab my molten board, and surf the lava flows.

Well, enough, for now, of my home.
From time to time I will no doubt return,
but there is so much more basic solar system info I wish to communicate.
So let's mosey on over to the hub of all Marcion communication, Saturn.