up yours, Up Yours!

What comes to mind when you think of communication?
I bet it is not the image of these beauties. But for every Homo Marcion it is.

Because these three mentors of celestial fractal hyperkinetics
on Jupiter’s moon, Europa, discovered the true function of Saturn’s rings.

The above image capture is the three, seen here from left to right,
Amanishakheto, Nefertari and Hatshepsut,
receiving the Sciiintuitionist Person of the Year Award, known as the FELIX,
an acronym for - For Exceptional Looking Into X, X being the unknown.
How and what did they discover?
This is how and what...

While reviewing the result of a BM lens probe, some more about that,
of Saturn, they broke into a Waggle and Tremble Dance.
For the three simultaneously saw and realized
what had been not seen and known since time immemorial.

Emanating from the Saturn’s core of liquid metallic hydrogen were
radiating concentric circles of Blark Mattergy.
These concentric circles, on making contact with Saturn’s rings,
transformed and refracted into an explosion of ZwickyTrinos.

What Amanishakheto, Nefertari and Hatshepsut instantly realized was that
Saturn’s rings were, in essence, one ginormous antenna
through which any and all
holographic, hyper depth audio and or visual transmission could travel.

You are now probably saying to yourself, ‘what the hey!?’,
but we have long known about the inherent, communicative aspect of ZwickyTrinos.
We had just never seen such an astronomical abundance in one place before.

As to what is a ZwickyTrino and how it was discovered,
let us take a break and find out in the next transmission,
in Saturn Transmission Part Deux. Hasta la Pasta.