up yours, Up Yours!

So what is a ZwickyTrino?

It is a sub quarkian, vibrating sphere that travels at the speed of light
and is found in Blark Mattergy throughout the universe.
For you numerologists out there, it originates in the 7th parallel universe.

Discovered one generation into the Great Fusion,
not by a sciintuitionist, but by a pure intuitionist,
Al Ghuzuli Ahttahr Roomee Sheestee Hahafizz Jahmi Saaahdee
known to one and all, as
Big Al.

Big Al had up to his discovery led a life of ascetic hedonism in
ecstatic contemplation of what he and his devoted followers called THE REAL.
Rejecting any and all thought and feeling as ‘monkey speak’,
Big Al lived under the simple credo of:


When asked what he meant,
he would hold his breath, look at light and giggle soundlessly.
He was considered a harmless eccentric until that fateful day
he presented the universe with the ZwickyTrino,
and what we Homo Marcions could do with it.
Here’s how he dropped the bombshell.

Standing in the reflecting pool of the Taj Mahal, in Agra, India on planet Earth,
he said, in front of a startled gathering, these words.

Mr. Pluto, come here. I want to see and hear you.

In an instant, a hologram of a Marcion standing on Pluto
talking about the weather materialized in his hand.

This was repeated eight more times with each of the solar system’s planets.
At first it was considered as just some extraordinary conjuring trick,
but within minutes it was confirmed by our then normal HoneyDome communication system,
that Big Al had in fact materialized nine holograms of his devotees from each planet.

It was not some fabulous slight-of-hand, but was in fact, mind-numbingly real.

A day later,
standing on the shore of the Tuul river,
in the city of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on planet Earth,
E.T. Oopspansky, Big Al’s leading disciple, known by his friends as Nod,
some more about that,
revealed to one and all the secret of his master’s discovery.

Big Al, by quieting his mind to a state of nothingness but breath and sensation,
placing his attention on the Big Third within,
and releasing a loud, but surprisingly odorless, retort of flatulence,
had had a monumental reality vision.

Dancing around his 'in the moment' presence were miniscule, multicolored globules,
he called for some unknown reason 'ZwickyTrino',
some more about that,
that vibrated every time he spoke and or moved.
Big Al had achieved the unthinkable,
he was in two parallel universes simultaneously.

The net affect was that all planetary and interplanetary communication
was now possible with nothing but mental telepathy.

Nod quickly explained that since so few could match Big Al’s empty mind,
we all would need a little help in order to have the same ability.
This ‘little help’ was what Nod was here to reveal.

Within every human Marcion honeycomb HoneyDome domicile there would be installed a Linque Womb.
It was made from from a mineral, whose lay name was dingle,
and sciientuitionist name was dingledangle berium,
and was found in abundance only on Uranus.

The Linque Womb enabled one, when in it, with the aid of theZwickyTrino,
to mirror Big Al’s quiet mind, and communicate far and wide.

Now, let us return to our three beauties,
Amanishakheto, Nefertari and Hatshepsut.

Up until their discovery of Saturn’s humongous antenna,
the audiovisual quality of the Linque Womb was,
because of the unpredictable nature of solar storms, a bit sketchy.
One never knew when a connection might disappear,
and as you can imagine, this could be quite irksome.
But with the FELIX™ winners’ discovery, all one had to do when in the Linque Womb,
was say the word ‘Cronos’ out loud,
mental image the Marcion you wish to contact,
and instantly the connection was not only there,
but in ultra clear as a bell, hyperquadraphonic, maxmulti holographic def.
And best of all one NEVER lost a connection.

Incidentally, if one wished no visuals, all one had to do was close your eyes.
Incidentally2, if your ‘party’ was busy, you had the option to call later
or be placed on Time-Exasperation Mode,
with or without accompanying audio and or visual infotainment.

Well, that was a lot to digest.
Let’s take a breather,
and then how about a little R&R in the solar system’s pulsating hub of Tale Spinning,
the bright blue Neptune?
If not now, then...