up yours, Up Yours!


No, not a Cosmic Third Eye,
but an image capture of the Great Neptune Dark Spot.
And what pray tell is a Dark Spot?

A Dark Spot is an anticyclonic storm.
All that essentially means is a weather storm where the winds flow
in the opposite direction of the surrounding atmosphere.
A salmon of a storm, as it were, some more about that


So, the action of counter flow is the seed for all creativity.

This truth was revealed by a Homo Marcion realan and Tale Spinner.
If you don’t remember what a realan or Tale Spinner is, sphincter yourself twice
back to Transmission 5 and Neptune’s but more about that later.

His name was Will Lovid.
He was a one in a millennium realan
who created not only rare combo audioverbalvisual works,
but is considered by all to be Homo Marcion’s greatest Tale Spinner ever.
Here in a some more about that is a list of just a few of his masterpieces.

A brief bio of Will Lovid is now called for.

He was born .001407 htaerbs ago, or 150 years, in a HoneyDome orbiting Neptune.
Even as an infant he exhibited remarkable realan qualities.
For every time his home HoneyDome passed by Neptune’s Great Dark Spot,
the infant Lovid broke out into a Waggle and Tremble Dance.
Later, as a child the Dark Spot made him continuously dance in reverse spirals,
and have the ability to write and speak backwards fluently.
Finally, as a teenager while immersed in a Great Dark Spot trance,
he created his first audiverbalvisual masterpiece, and some claim his finest,
The Pathnowee.

His enlightened parents, realizing their son was exceptional,
purchased for him a custom built HoneyDome that was capable
of a fixed orbit over the Great Dark Spot.
Needless to say, he lived out his entire life there.
Tragically, his life was cut short in his 167th year
by his deranged paramour, Thanatos Morbidity.
She spent a week without pleasuring herself and subsequently immolated
Lovid and herself in their HoneyDome.
This was also tragic because some of our realans’ best work is done
in the last year of life, since along with counter flow,
imminent death does wonders for creativity

The upshot of this great Marcion’s life, is that no realan since
has ever suffered from any form of creative block.
All he or she need do, either physically or mentally, is place their attention
on a reverse spiral, and off they go, some more about that.

From time to time, I might show you various Tale Spinnings,
but for now, let us move on in our skip through the solar system.
Onto what makes every Homo Marcion as content as a Sus Scrofa in Stercus,
or as the kids like to say, happy as an oink in arse biscuits,
the beloved Uranus.