up yours, Up Yours!

But before our probe into the wonders of Uranus,
allow me a little diversion into the realm of microscopic bacteria,
for, as you will see, it will have macroscopic repercussions.

The Big Itch, paternal bacillus marcionicillus, our ‘father’,
is cousin to a remarkable bacterium called Caulobacter crescentus.
Within the organizational structure of this particular bacterial colony,
some more about that,
lies the basic blueprint of all Homo Marcion society.

Let me, once again, explain.

Caulobacter is a bacterium that lives in fresh water lakes and streams.
It has two kinds of progeny, the stalks and the swarmers.
The majority are stalks who look and act like straws and suck up nutrients,
while the minority swarmers, with their propellor flagellum, go out and hunt for new food sources.
The stalks, by the way, have at their ends a glue so powerful
that our Marcion sciintuitionists have copied its properties and created
an adhesive that keeps all of our HoneyDomes intact.

In all Homo society, Sapiens or Marcion, we have essentially
the same life force governing us.
We have our stalks who consolidate and consume,
and we have our
propellor heads who hunt and discover the unknown.

I, Fractal J, like the vast majority of my species, am a stalk.

And from I. C. H. H. A. Veeate, the garbologist who discovered Dugless Atom’s masterpiece,
to B.B. Honest, the great fecal economist,
to C.O. Plaid and his chameleon skin,
to the three beauties and their BM lens discovery,
to Big Al’s ZwickyTrinos,
and onto the immortal Will Lovid,
we have some rare and remarkable swarmer propellor heads.

We call this particular species reflection, the Caulobacter Factor.

Here, for your intuitive mind to contemplate,
is a visual Tale Spin image capture of
Caulobacter crescentus.


Now onto Uranus for real,
and yet another encounter with yet another Homo Marcion propellor head...