up yours, Up Yours!

All things Homo Marcion are built on Uranus.
All things Homo Marcion are recycled on the 29 moons of Uranus,
some more about that.
All things Homo Marcion built and recycled are then
frequency sequenced by the 13 rings of Uranus.
And what pray tell is frequency sequenced, or as we call it,
Freque´ Seque´?

In the most simple terms that you can understand,
Freque´ Seque´ is the process whereby
any and all inanimate and vegetative animate entities are SDL’d into existence.
Socked, Docked and Locked
is the proverbial cherry on top of all creation and recreation.
Before Freque´ Seque´ and its SDL,
whatever has been constructed or reconstructed is assembled and in place, but dormant.
The moment it comes in contact with the rings of Uranus however,
the aqua vitae, the water of life, that which animates all of existence, is activated,
some more about that.
A spark of life transforms the dormant form and content into an active form and content.
It is now a fully functional entity, ready and able to fulfill
whatever its proscribed function may be.

Freque´Seque´ occurs because of the distant vibrations of Mother Earth and the Law of 42.
Just sphincter yourself over to your simple brain aid, that giggle of a Google.
Place in that oh so cute rectangle, the words ‘42 years Uranus’ and see what comes up.
Go ahead, I’ll wait, I’m not going anywhere.
I’ll whistle the melody to the intergalactic Homo Marcion anthem while you’re gone...

OK? Need I explain any further? I think not.

As promised in Transmission 17 here now is the swarmer, propellor head
who discovered Freque´Seque´ and how she did it.

Her name was Oecho Pulswave,
who we now call Our Lady of the Distant Reverberation.
Oecho was a mentor of Interspatial Fractal Yes & No at Dark Spot Jupiter,
our most prestigious center of chaos in the solar system.
On a return from Pluto, Ms. Pulswave, heartbroken and exhausted after
bidding farewell to her colleague and husband of many years, some more about that,
decided to lay over on Uranus for a brief respite.

It was while despondently flying through the rings of Uranus
with her HoneyDome on autopilot, that Oecho Pulswave had her epiphany.
Between the 6th and 7th ring, she felt a low, throbbing hum reverberate through her body.
It became so intense that she turned off the HoneyDome engine and
let it drift in space while she lay down.
The nano second she was prone, Oecho fell into a deep sleep.

When she awoke,
according to her onboard Timeonmeter, she had slept for 42 days,
and according to her onboard Spaceonmeter,
the HoneyDome had moved .042-042 quadruple negative nanometers,
a really, truly teensy weensy amount,

the mind of Oecho Pulswave perceived and conceived the concept of Freque´Seque´
in all of its reverberating entirety.
And so, yet another momentous advance in Homo Marcion sciintuition was born.

Here for your viewing pleasure is an image capture of Oecho
at a Uranus reconstruction site.


So, onto planet number nine, the solar system’s last planet, even if it isn’t a planet.
Yes, onto Pluto to see how we Marcions dance the last dance.