up yoursUp Yours!

There was a breakthrough in your time in the fundamental workings of the universe.
It was made by a Homo Sapiens we know as Dug More Atoms.
As is our custom, when a Marcion makes a significant discovery,
we create a nickname in their honor.

Dug More Atom’s real name was Douglas Adams.
He being of course the genius who breathed in your era,
and who created the seminal, solar system shattering text,
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Like previous great thinkers D.M. Atoms had discovered
a previously unknown fundamental law of physics.
However, unlike many of his illustrious predecessors, he was not taken seriously.

His Law of 42,
one of the basic tenets of all life and anti-life in the known and unknown universe,
for some inexplicable reason,
was thought of as humor!?!.
All we know is that he died prematurely, heartbroken that his great insight, though popular,
was merely laughed at.

It wasn’t until .002411 htaerbs later, or 200 years, W.S. Piggery,
a garbologist of the first order, while excavating an ancient temple landfill,
all landfills are temples,
some more about that,
came across a copy of Atom’s manuscript.
It had been enclosed in a zipped translucent container
with the letters hefty and was in pristine condition.

Also enclosed was a soft mutilated copy of what we think
is a rare, esoteric, mystical document.
It had the letters mad emblazoned on its title page.

Needless to say, after even a casual perusal by Piggery,
it was apparent that Mr. Adams
had discovered the ultimate nature of the universe!

Here are just a few of the basic Laws of 42.

There are 42 parallel universes.
Actually there are precisely .0000000042.04-.02, an infinitesimal amount, but unfortunately, one that cannot be overlooked.
This was discovered by the mathematical savant, G. M. A. Break, just a few short shtaerbs ago.

And yes, Give Me A Break’s real name was Really Truly Annoying.

There are 42 major delegations of the brain.
Each delegation governs an aspect of Homo Marcion life,
from basic bodily functions to the highest mental processes.
Within the 42 there are either 6 or 7 sub delegations.
For example, the wink of an eye, located in the 13th delegation of Body Movement,
is also in its 4th sub delegation, known as the Just Kidding.
But the blink of an eye is in the 13th’s 1st sub delegation, known as Just Do It.

There are 42 types of bacteria that live on the skin of Homo Marcion,
as opposed to the 182 on Homo Sapiens, Though catastrophic for the
140 bacteria that were let go, quite a few of them managed to relocate
successfully onto the Sus scrofa domestica, the domestic pig.

There are 42 degrees of separation between an idea that is stupid and one that is brilliant.

There are 42 tonal variations in human flatulence.
Oddly, for us Homo Marcions, this number is cut in half to a mere 21.
This, needless to say, has caused much envy and chagrin in our audio Tale Spinners,
or what you would call musicians.

There are precisely 42 ways to skin a cat.

I could go on and on, and perhaps from time to time I will.
But for now, you get the idea. Let us return. Where was I?
O yes, I was about to reveal the repercussions of the Time of Fusion,
that is,
the marriage between humanity and the Big Itch.