up yours, Up Yours!

OK, I’m back.

So, what during life are brief moments of VKB,
now with mortality imminent, becomes a blissful constant.
This state of internal affairs, needless to say,
wonderfully enhances the upcoming traumatic transition.

Here now, finally, is how we Homo Marcionians make the chrysalis transformation
from the chaos of this life to the chaos of the after life.

42 days before your demise,
which is calculated from the moment your parents’ fertilized egg drops
safely into the uterus, some more about that,
one arrives within the Plutonian orbit.
Upon arrival, a pendant with the likeness of Venetia materializes around your neck.
Don’t ask me how, it just does.

This final demise time frame of 42 is broken into 14 day stages on Pluto’s 3 moons.
Here, for your symbolic pleasure is a pictorial Tale Spinning image capture of the trio...

nix hydra charon

First layover is on Nix,
the moon named for the ancient Homo Sapiens goddess of the night.
Spent with a Master/Mistress of Fractal Genealogy,
which is what I aspire to be one day,
you review your entire genealogical history of the 13 centuries before your original SNUday.
So, if you were to perish today,
the line of descent would go back as far as the birth of the human renaissance,
somewhere in your 12th century.

After this vast, fascinating biographical fix on Nix, its off to Hydra.

On Hydra,
the moon named for the mythical, many-headed, serpent monster,
is where,


one confronts, in their pure and unadulterated essence,
every dark, unconscious impulse.
For murder - hate - greed - envy - et al, are all,
as with you Homo Sapiens,
deeply embedded within each and every Homo Marcion.

We do not judge and or condemn, but merely observe,
for these impulses, like an arm or a leg, are part of us.
With a large dosage of the JEWCE and a dollop of VKB,
we face these universal inner compulsions, and
by this act of self perception are released from their destructive gravity.
Thus, the many headed dragon is slain by self-observation,
and the moment has now come for life’s penultimate stage on Charon.

Charon, the moon named for the legendary boatmen
who ferried the dead across the mythical river Styx into the underworld,

is where your HoneyDome is retrofitted into a combo mausoleum, tomb and coffin.
The inside is filled with any and all personal affects you wish to take on your trip to eternity.
The outside remains the same, except for one modification.
A tail is attached to one end of the HoneyDome.
The tail’s size is proportionally scaled to that of a Homo Marcion spermatozoa.
So, as a sperm impregnates the egg,
the HoneyDome with its lifeless corpse will fertilize the cosmos.
And it is on the planet Pluto,
the terminal of this life,
where this symbolical, cyclical ejaculation takes place.

The Plutonic sendoff into the void occurs on day 42.
The precise launch time is the micro-nano-moment anniversary of your SNUday.
One’s death is painless, a drift into a warm sleep, some more about that,
where, of course, you never wake up.
The option to have administered a dosage of Lysergic acid diethylamide is offered
for those who wish a psychedelic exit through the Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud and beyond.

After a flight of 42 days with your lifeless body in tow,
the HoneyDome disintegrates into the void.
Unless that is, one immaculate HoneyDome spermatozoa miraculously impregnates a cosmic egg.

Well, that is the end of a simplified and cursory look at
our solar system as it orbits in the year 1442.
Believe it or not, that was just a dip in the shallow end of the pool.
Prepare yourself for a plunge into the deep end,
for now we will take a closer look at the wonder of wonders,
the Homo Marcion brain.