up yours, Up Yours!


What do you see? A pretty rainbow blotch, no?

To me,
it has the taste of an earth white peach in July, with just a fragrant hint of lemon mint,
and the sound - O My No God! -
of the most exquisite, melodious strains of music ever composed by a Homo Marcion!
It was created many htaerbs ago by the legendary musical Tale Spinner,
Sebast Von Wolfdeuswig.
Her story is fascinating, but let us leave it for perhaps another transmission.

This capacity of FSS or Fugal Spectrum Synesthesia, some more about that,
all Marcionians, are born with.
The only variable is emphasis.

What I mean by this is that each Homo Marcion has his or her own particular blend of FSS.
Some are born with a more acute hearing, others a more intense sense of smell,
yet others a greater sensitivity to vision, and so on and so off.
In short and long, every Homo Marcion, like snowflakes,
has their own unique, genetic FSS propensity.
Also, FSS is an ability that we can at any moment access.
We do it simply by placing our attention on the following ancient Homo Sapiens
symbol for the sun


and mentally placing the word MINGLE in the center of our brain.

To exit the state of FSS and return to the ‘normal’ sensate state,
i.e. seeing with eyes, hearing with ears etc, we do the same.
Except we place not MINGLE but ELGNIM in the center of our brain.

What this means is that I can appreciate the Tale Spinning qualities of the above rainbow blotch
either as pretty visual colors,
or consciously decide to enter full FSS and ‘experience’ it
in the sense blend mode I just described.

This innate ability has led to controversy among a few extremists.
There are those who insist the purity of Tale Spinning should not be violated
by being enhanced by FSS,
while others vehemently assert it is absurd to think Tale Spinning should be limited
by the denial of FSS.
The former are known as Hard Asses, the latter as Candy Asses.
Each, by the way, call the other a Horse's Ass.
Fortunately, the vast majority of Homo Marcions do not view Tale Spinning
with such posterior glasses, and simply enjoy both.

Before we go further,
the next transmission will explain a small but absolutely crucial aspect of FSS.
See, smell, hear, taste and touch you in a calm angstrom.