up yours, Up Yours!

So here again is our rainbow blotch.
I so wish you could hear it, unfortunately, that is impossible, some more about that.


But now, take a look at this:


To the normal sense state all that is taken place is a reversal of the image capture.
In FSS, however, the transformation is not only more dramatic, but catastrophic.

Where there was once the savor of an earth white peach in July,
there is now the taste of mealy toe-jam.
Where there was a scented hint of fragrant mint,
there is now the fetid odor of a vagrant’s halitosis.
And where once the exquisite music of the spheres was heard,
there is now the ear-piercing howling of a drunken harpy stung by a scorpion.
So, as you can see, in FSS, the sequential order is of primary importance.

Also, it should be known, as I stated earlier, every Homo Marcion:
...has his or her own particular blend of FSS. Some are born with a more acute hearing,
others a more intense sense of smell, yet others a greater sensitivity to vision,

and so on and so off...
So, for me, name Fractal J,
my ‘greater sensitivity’ is with the aural aspect.
My hearing is the main ‘melody’,
while taste and smell give a supportive, base rhythm line.
The actual style of ‘music’ of the above rainbow blotch is known nowadays as
Firmament music, what you would call World or Space music.

Now, with this in mind,
the following transmission will give a visual presentation,
and a verbal analysis of my sensorial take
on other ‘musical’ styles now common in Homo Marcion culture.
See and feel you in a belch.