up yours, Up Yours!

Here are a few well known styles of Homo Marcion FSS images.
The name of the ‘musical’ style on top,
and beneath the image capture my sensorial take.

Stone & Go
Stone & Go is popular with the younger generation
with its pulsating, driving, metallic rhythms.
There is a slight taste of cold french fries and a pungent bubble gum odor.

StringWind is generally appreciated by the elder Marcion
with its sound of seasonal wind-rustled leaves.
It has the soothing taste of cucumber with butter on crustless white bread
and the distinct fragrance of Homo Sapien's paper money.

Bluble are playful nursery tunes that introduce to the young and impressionable,
basic Marcion mind principles.
With the taste of buttered pancakes with a whole lot of fake maple syrup,
Bluble has the ever so sweet whiff of infant poo.

Woogety Boogety
Woogety Boogety is FSS for the cultured aesthete,
with its mysterious strains of ethereal wind chimes that
blend a silk smooth taste of absinthe with an ever so slight suggestion of lilac.

Diazeplum is a sedative sound tapestry of distant cowbells.
Tailored especially for long intergalactic space voyages,
with its taste of a saccharine-sweet grape sucker topped by the strong scent of day old Pablum,
Diazeplum remains to this day a favorite for our mentally challenged nanotronauts.

Well, with this small sampling I hope you got a ‘flavor’ of my take
on the wonders of Homo Marcion Fugal Spectrum Synesthesia.

But now, after 24 transmissions,
why don’t I get a little up front and personal, and reveal a bit about myself
and also what a day in the life of Fractal J is love, I mean like..