up yours, Up Yours!

This happens to be a seminal moment in my life.
My kindred, Fractalla J, name
is in her 13th month of gestation with our first born.

Now this labor of love for a Homo Marcion couple
has a few dramatic differences from our Homo Sapiens counterpart.

First, as stated in an earlier transmission,
the incubation within the mother’s womb is for .00000000042-96 htaerbs, or 22 months,
as opposed to your 9.

Second, with the evolutionary fact of Mirrons, some more about that,
I am undergoing a simultaneous, empathic pregnancy.

What this means is my body is literally mirroring
all the physical symptoms my kindred is undergoing.
The only difference being, and it is of course, colossal, I am not with child.
But all else, such as:
Feeling tired - Feeling sick - Changes in breasts, extended stomach -
Going to the bathroom more often - Mood swings and stress - A Changing taste in food -
I undergo.
Mind you this is voluntary, not mandatory.
A Homo Marcion male can choose to become 'pregnant' or not.
If a man decides to, all he need do is simply place his attention
on the following ancient Homo Sapiens symbol for the sun


and mentally place the word GENESIS in the center of his brain.
And again, to exit the state of Mirron and return to the ‘normal’ sensate state,
we place not the word GENESIS but SISENEG in the center of our brain.

It may be legitimately asked why the hoo any male would want
to undergo the symptoms of a female pregnancy.
Many do not, in fact, most do not, but I do.
I don’t know.
My logical self says no, but my illogical self says yes.
And since this involves an aspect of a relationship, I invariably succumb to the irrational.
But, without question,
it gives me a whole different perspective when we attend our childbirthing La Amaze class.

Whether this is good for me...

Ooooo! I just had this craving to inhale a pill of 100% salsa! Be back in a flash.