up yours, Up Yours!


But to return.

So, I am a Homo Marcion male, and Mirron pregnant
at the young age of .00004.02 htaerbs, or in human terms, 28 years old.
I am presently studying, as I revealed before, to be a licensed Fractal Genealogist.
I am in the .003.02 htaerb, or sixth and final year of certification.
My kindred, Fractalla J, is also .00004.02 htaerbs, and is a practicing NMF,
or Nascent Mind Facilitator.
And since we are here, let us spend a moment or two looking into
what a NMF is and what a NMF does.

All Homo Marcion young, from the age of 002.08 htaerbs,
or in human terms, 5 years,
till the age of .0006.07 htaerbs,
or in human terms, 13 years,
attend Halcyon Fractal Chaos Enhancement Centers.
These are the equivalent to what I presume you would call your ‘elementary school.’
And what an apropos word ‘elementary’ is to describe your ‘educational’ method!
What takes a human child 12 human years to absorb scholastically,
a Marcion child absorbs in one blindingly dull afternoon.

The bulk of time spent at the HFCE Center is devoted to
learning how to play, and in so doing, learning how to use
the second most important organ of a Homo Marcion’s body, the brain.
I will let you use your monumental powers of reason and intuition
to deduce which we Marcions take to be the most important.
I mean, c’mon, even you humans call it the family jewels!

It is in this learning how to play, and how to play with, the brain,
that a NMF displays their crucial role in the development of the young.
The NMF mentors their eager charges
to the wonders of the 42 delegations and all of their sub-delegations.

the NMF,
and the NMF only,
is given the heavy responsibility of divining each child’s future life profession.

This rare, intuitive facility, we consider to be the most important of all talents found in any walk of life.

The most remarkable aspect about the NMF,
is that to become a NMF,
there is absolutely no training.
One is born with the gift of looking deep within a nascent mind and divining its true calling.

We call this gift of the NMF, Poilane Reasoning, some more about that.

OK, enough being the leader of Procrastination.
In the next transmission, I shall, at last, reveal a day in the life,
and a life in the day of Fractal J.