up yours, Up Yours!

At the crack of dawn I awake.
The first thing I do is canoodle with my beloved kindred, Fractalla J.
Yes, we do continue to pleasure ourselves even during a real and Mirron pregnancy.

And by the way, I may have forgotten to mention this earlier.
In Marcion culture, the act of pleasuring with one’s kindred is called
WTDT or Wag the Dog’s Tail.
Just as a dog each time it sees their owner will greet them as joyously as if it were the first time,
so we Marcions conjugate with the same inner life.
Unlike what we hear the Homo Sapiens monogamous sex life was like,
familiarity breeding boredom accompanied by erectile dysfunction and an evaporation of vaginal juices,
Homo Marcion monogamous sex,
especially with a beloved kindred,
retains a Wag the Dog’s Tail quality throughout the relationship.

Our early morning canoodle lasts for an hour or so,
climaxing with a simultaneous orgasm that leaves us both paradoxically breathless and rejuvenated.
With the delectable cohabitation over,
Fractalla J is off to her Halcyon Fractal Chaos Enhancement Center for another day of NMFing.
We will see each other again at midday, but more about that later,
and this time it will be later.

The morning is then spent in reviewing
my fractal genealogical maps I made of the previous five centuries.
I do this because in a few human weeks time, I need to make my final presentation
to the Fractal Genealogy Board for their examination in order
that they may or may not award me my certification.

Listen, while I am here discussing my morning fractal research,
how about I tell you what your
Genome Genealogical Probe
descendants in the next five centuries will be.
This may be of some interest to you, and I also can review some of my notes.
So here they are:

XY Chromosome descendant: i.e male
Name: Wanderlino Silva Davi
Born: 2146 and died 2191 in the city of Goia, Brazil, Earth
Occupation: day laborer
Of Note: Fathered 24 children, all girls,
exhausting four wives in an apparent, desperate attempt to have a son.

XX Chromosome descendant: i.e female
Name: Krasimira Pendareva
Born: 2208 in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, Earth, and died 2294
Occupation: Sommelier at Intergalactic Ritz Carlton, Anaxagoras Crater, Earth Moon
Ironically, Krasmira passed away on the 50th anniversary of her employment at the
Intergalactic Ritz Carlton. Poetically, she passed way while opening the last known bottle in
existence of an Earth Gallic Bordeaux known to all wine connoisseurs of the time as the
Chateau Mouton-Rothschild 2245

Of Note: First female sommelier on lunar surface.

XX Chromosome descendant
Name: Psyche Zenobia
Born: 2312 in Syrtis Major, Mars and died 2336
Occupation: Athlete warrior
Of Note: Could roll into a ball and hurl herself 42MPH at her opponents.
Tragically, the young Psyche was extinguished with friendly fire by a teammate
who mistook her 'cannonball' for enemy fire.

XY Chromosome descendant
Name: Orifice Convoitise
Born: 2413 in Baliem Valley, New Guinea, Earth and died there in 2479
Occupation: purported philosopher
Of Note: Claimed that humankind should interbreed with all species, and saw himself as
a crossbreed impregnator. He was tolerated by the Homo Marcions of the time as eccentric but harmless.
Unfortunately the Homo Sapiens followers of G.B.G.B.T.W.Y.O. Belonged found him a wee
bit too unhinged and put him to death. The execution was performed by placing Orifice in a
HoneyDome, projecting it into deep space with no food or drink, and playing in an endless
loop an ancient, Homo Sapiens audiovisual of The Sound of Mucus.

XX Chromosome descendant:
Name: Heliconia Nebulae
Born: 2501 on Nereid, moon of Neptune, died 2591
Occupation: Tale Spin music composer
Of Note: Though an obscure composer of Woogety Boogety, Heliconia was my
cherished paternal grandmother.

Fascinating, huh?
Not everyone can say like you that they know something about their far distant descendants,
some more about that.

Well, let us resume the day in the life of Fractal J in the next transmission
with a visit to Fractalla J at her Halcyon Fractal Chaos Enhancement Center.