up yours, Up Yours!

So come midday
I meander on foot over to the Halcyon Fractal Chaos Enhancement Center.
If you are wondering how its possible to walk around
in the hostile and frigid Io atmosphere,
here is the some more about that from Transmission 5 to refresh your memory
about C.O. Plaid and his remarkable epidermic invention.

It takes me about 13 recitations of Will Lovid’s
well-known, meditation songsing to get there,
about 21 minutes in human time.

O I can't help myself.
Here for your enjoyment and comparison is that very singsong,
first in Marcion, followed by the Fugal Spectrum Synesthesia version and lastly,
my own Homo Sapiens translation.


A variation of Woogety Boogety that has a combo sound of a tinkling camel’s bell
and one gland flapping.
It is underscored by a light, solar wind breeze
and the faintest hint of earth's deciduous fall leaves burning.

Homo Sapiens Translation:

Where a line meets a circle: Stop:

let me be a honey bee
whose fallen pollen
becomes bloom of eternal sea

let last breath of death
whose inhale impale
becomes birth of life’s breadth

let first insight of real eyes
whose intense sense
becomes incite beyond sensual skies

spark joy flies up spine
falls on shiver neck sapphire fine

Where a circle leaves a line: Go:
repeat and rinse

For some inexplicable reason, what comes to mind is my beloved grandmother,
Heliconia Nebulae and her favorite saying:

Ahh, as soothing as a wet, witch hazel kiss on an aging sphincter!

This, in essence describes my mind’s ease
after silently reciting a number of times Lovid’s ditty in my head,
some more about that.

OK, OK, I promise in the next transmission
we’ll set foot in the Halcyon Fractal Chaos Enhancement Center.
Just let me for a htaerb savor this Nebulous Lovidian moment...