up yours Up Yours!

So in this historic commingling of human and Marcion,
the genitals, spine and brain were immersed...


Excuse this ejaculation of my mother tongue, which may look strange to
you, but is really simple to understand, some more about that.
The words to a songsing my mother would singsong when I was a child
just popped into my head. I’ll see if I can loosely translate what her words sounded like.

O DooBuhh! O Booduhh!
Aristootle gru frum ets nuudle
uh methameticul Nooton. O Duh!
Nooton en uh eyedle duudle
snoyzed eh beig Dahwhen. O Boo!
Dahwhen eevulved uh buudle
whech blurthed uh Froyd. O Duh!
Froyd reeleized uh enchaint struudel
und laft uh hoomongos Whynstiine. O Boo!
O DooBuhh O Booduhh...

That is more or less it.
My mother said her grandfather used to singsong it
and claimed it was ancient human verse. It never made sense to me,
but I always loved the way my mother looked when she sang it.
Perhaps it may resonate for you.

However, let us return.
Again, as I was saying, the genitals, spine and brain were immersed in a
microscopic, gelatinous membrane colored in the same turquoise as the eyes.
It was this substance created by the commingling of human cerebrospinal fluid
with bacillus marcionicillus that created the new sub species, Homo Marcion.
Its scientific name is highastheazureskydica or simply the JEWCE.

The result, in technical terms, was a dramatic reduction of human
glucocorticoids, and the hormone Substance P, with the subsequent
almost complete elimination of apoptosis, or programmed cell death.
The death of apoptosis led to mortality issues, some more about that.

The result, in real terms, led to a mental and physical state of endless orgasm,
what we affectionately call,
Free Range Serotonin.
This would be impossible for Homo Sapiens to endure, but for Homo Marcion is the norm.

With this, perhaps to you, mind boggling revelation,
I think it a good moment to give a brief overview of some universal Homo Marcion practices.
It will give both an insight into our way of life, and a deeper understanding
of our culture As It Is in the 27th century.