up yours, Up Yours!

After our soiree we bid our friends adieu.
Fractalla and I then spend a few moments in a savor reflection of their company.
The disparate three couples, when all together, bring us a never-ending source of warmth and pleasure.
Inexplicably, when in any of their company alone,
the conversation soon becomes tedious in its monotony,
but as a group, the ‘music’ is deliciously varied and polyphonic.

We end our day in our third and last canoodle of the day.
Even though we are in the throes of both a real and Mirron pregnancy,
sex still rears its beautiful head with its ever present WTDT, or Wag the Dog’s Tail exuberance.

Upon our exquisite, simultaneous orgasm, I drift blissfully into a deep sleep,
I awake into this recurring dream...

I am a seed plummeting down a long dark tunnel.
I have one and only one purpose, and that is to plummet.
I am one, and only one, with no thought, no feeling, no reflection,
just the urge to plummet to wherever the plummet will take me.
All the while, my seed being aches with an indescribable joy of Life Manifest.

The plummet lasts for an eternity no longer than the twinkle of a star.
Before my sightless eyes looms a vast translucent globe,
and before I could marvel at its beauty I am plunged in and through its gelatinous skin.
Bathed in a liquid, mothering warmth,
my plummet transforms into a free form float down to the orb’s center
where a dazzling bejeweled egg lies.
As I approach, the egg cracks open and swallows me.
Where I was once one and only one, I am now two, no three, no four, no...

All becomes nothing, all becomes everything...
All becomes the silent sound of breath lapping rhythmically on the shore of my being...