up yours, Up Yours!

And so ends a day and night in the life of Fractal J.

But there is one slight caveat to the above statement.

It only describes only two of seven days, my two working days.
This is because we Homo Marcions have a work week of only two days.

For you see#1,
with the arrival of the JEWCE it became apparent working two days a week
optimized our productivity.

For you see#2,
with our JEWCE’d brain,
all real work takes place when we are not working.
The actual act of physically doing the work is merely taking down
the dictation of whatever our jumbo brain has come up with when we are
not physically doing the work.

For you see#3,
it is precisely when
not physically doing the work
all real work is done.

For you see#4,
the Homo Marcion brain capacity, in terms of BGCE, some more about,
according to our sciintuitionists is roughly equivalent in size
to the volume and mass of our Mother Earth.
The Homo Sapiens brain, by the way,
is roughly equivalent to a rather large chunk of your earth American state of California.

Now when we are engaged in our two day work week,
all we need do is first place our attention not on the ancient symbol of the sun...

sun no

but rather, this image capture created eons ago by the your mystical poet,
the Homo Sapiens William Blake, or as we like to call him,
the THE, for the THIRD HUMAN EYE


It is his inspired depiction of your monumentally basic Homo Sapiens thinker
Isaac Newton, or as we like to call him, ISN, for I Sick Neutron.
Just clench this some more about that,
and an enlarged version will appear for your enjoyment.

to begin our two day work week,
we place our attention on the above image capture of ISN and say wordlessly Tinker,
and to exit we do the same, but say Reknit.
In Tinker mode all that our Big Mind has tirelessly worked on while we were
not working is made available,
and our job, whatever it may be,
is as easy to complete as is the proverbial falling off a log.

it is with a deep SENSE OF TRUST and a deep SENSE OF PLAY,
nurtured lovingly in our childhood,
we Homo Marcions go about our WORK
with overflowing equal parts joyfulness and thoroughness.
Perhaps not quite with the same unadulterated Wag the Dog’s Tail abandonment,
but pretty damn close.

before we venture onto the five days when I am not working and my Big Mind is,
here are a few Big Mind ruminations...