up yours, Up Yours!

In this very moment of time and space,
as you look at this Transmission,
billions of your fellow humans are engaged elsewhere.

Their lives exist in realms not only different from yours,
but also indifferent to yours.
Factors such as age, environment, genetics, and

some more about that,

makes both yours and our species
a multitudinous stew of unfathomable variation.
One person’s meat is another person’s Wha!?!, ad infinitum.

For you Homo Sapiens this is as impenetrable to fathom
as a household cat’s attempt to comprehend
the connection of a light bulb to a light switch.

But to a JEWCE’d Homo Marcion,
it is yet another manifestation of the fractal universe.

The JEWCE’d Homo Marcion brain can contemplate,
what to you is an impenetrable vastness,
as the simple, exquisite beauty of a sunrise.
Much like your toy kaleidoscope brings an explosion of color into focus,
so does the Law of 42, some more about that.

With its inherent, all-comprehending fractal eye,
the Law of 42,
allows us Marcions to gaze into the incomprehensible maw of the universe,
experience the vertigo of the infinite,
and see the GCU, or the GRAND CHAOS UNITY,
that underlies all and everything, and all and nothing too.

Now, this Big Picture spawns many Little Picture ramifications.
Here is just one.

Like you, we have only one life to live.
Unlike you, within that one life we have 42 lives.
For just as there is physically in the cosmos 42 parallel universes,
clench Transmission 2
so a Homo Marcion can mentally have 42 parallel realms of interest.
It is our Jewced Big Mind mirrored reflection of
not what we see, feel, hear, taste or touch of the cosmos,
but what we deduce,
and therefore, irrefutable.

There is the ancient human aphorism, shut one door and another rips open.
What if you slammed one door shut and not one,
but 42 doors of experience ripped open?
The door we slam shut is the idea we can have only one or two passionate avocations.
The 42 doors opening is the panoply of possibilities that then fall and rise before us.

So on the five days we are not working
we again place our attention on the ancient symbol of the sun...


and wordlessly say Imagine.
To exit all one need do is place again your attention on the ancient symbol of the sun...


and wordlessly say Enigami.

In the following transmission the 41 avocations and 1 vocation of one humble Homo Marcion,
yours truly, Fractal J, name

will be revealed.