up yours, Up Yours!

There you have it.
The 42 wildly divergent passions of a single Homo Marcion.
On the five days I am not working
I let my attention buzz around these budding, flowers of interest,
extracting life's pollen and bringing it back to my nectar delivering Big Mind hive.

And puh-leeze, don’t think for a moment
these are the idle diddling interests of a shallow, empty headed dilettante.
For example, did you know, a few years back I received
4th place!
in the amateur division of the
Intergalactic Faux Fly Fishing Lure Competition
with these lovelies...

Or read what a noted solar system Fractal Astral sciintuitionst, Eie Bawl,
or as we like to call him,
My Eye Is Having a Ball,
had to say about several suggestive heightening techniques for red dwarf stars I made.
Significantly insignificant...
a must read for any and all who wish to misunderstand my life’s work...
an absolutely stunning and brilliant display of irrelevance...
never before has so much been written about so little...

And he said this and much more to me in person!
I’ll never forget his look of stunned awe when addressing me.
It is a moment I will always cherish.

Though I could go on and on with many examples of important contributions
I have made in the above 41,
I’ll limit it to just one more.
My male impersonation arouses my devoted Fractalla J so much
we have to suspend all other activities for a few days.
Our sensual conjugation reaches the level of Nucleus Accumbens hyperspace,
some more about that,
rarely found even in the heights of Homo Marcion sexual practices.
As I remember we almost lost consciousness in an orgasm of prolonged 69 fellatio.

As the twilight of these 42 transmissions loom, # 40 is next!,
let us have a word about what not only Homo Sapiens and Homo Marcion,
but what all animal life, have in common.
It is the four active pillars upon which we all are known by the rest of the cosmos.
It is known in polite circles as
Consumption Defecation Fornication Extermination,
or more simply and bluntly as
Eat Shit Fuck Kill.
Now don’t get all verklempt, just clench the #40 below and we’ll discuss.