up yours, Up Yours!

Every Marcionian pleasures him or herself,
with a sexual orgasm, with or without a partner, or partners,
three times a day.
This, despite being most enjoyable, is an absolute necessity.
If a Marcionian were not to, there would be a catastrophic build-up of the JEWCE leading to certain death.
Unfortunately this denial of pleasure has become the preferred method
for despondent Marcions to do away with themselves.

We dine once a day at 4:42PM, though some night owls prefer 4:42AM.
It consists of one savory lozenge imbued with all the necessary vitamins, proteins and nutrients a body needs.
It can be chewed if in a hurry, or sucked on if one has the time and inclination to savor,
some more about that.

As an Homo Marcionian, I do not drink.
I mean I do not drink anything.
This was a byproduct of the JEWCE.
Our bodies no longer need liquid replenishment from without.
What we do have are enhanced oxygen sniffs.
At birth, an infant has implanted in the tip of their middle finger, a nano-sized ‘snifter’.
By placing the tip of the middle finger beneath either nostril and sniffing,
we experience a moment of pleasured stimulation.

For some reason that still puzzles us today,
the middle finger was the only digit that would accept the nano snifter.
This caused initially some embarrassment as everyone seemed to be insulting one another.
As a consequence, nowadays, to flip someone the bird, as it were, we use our pinkie.

One can replenish the enhanced oxygen at any local nano breath supply store near you.
They are open 24 7.
As to how this is possible, and where the enhanced oxygen originally comes from, here is a
some more about that.

We evacuate our bowels just once a week.

Every Homo Marconian’s bowel receptacle is linked to a bank of their choice.

Our monetary system is based on the Feces Standard Money (FSM) system.

It was devised over .002424 or 200 years before by B.B. Honest,
an economist of unparalleled insight and acumen, some more about that.

while discussing our sexual and evacuation practices,
allow me to interject this.
Since the Time of Fusion the Homo Marcion’s bodily fluids has taken on the odor of sugar and spice and everything nice.
So, what we hear you humans had to endure,
a fishy fragrance during sex, and a dank, fetid aroma during evacuation,
has become, for us, olfactory bliss.
In fact, our most highly prized perfumes, Phallic™ and Anal™,
are manufactured directly from our collected bodily functions.
For those more adventurous, and liking to go both ways, there is always the provocative Phanal™.


Any parent, teacher or adult found physically or mentally abusing a child
in any and all manner, shape or form,
is immediately sentenced to death.

Absolutely no exceptions.
This was the first law instituted after the crossbreeding and introduction of the JEWCE.
Though draconian, and though initially many lives were lost,
after just one generation the results were spectacular.
The collective IQ, creativity and over all well being of our species
markedly improved beyond our wildest dreams.

All former insoluble vicious circles dissolved into doors of perception,
windows of unimagined promise,
gates to a paradise of the becoming mind.

For us, a child’s mind is our most precious and invaluable natural resource.
It not only holds the joy of the present, but also, all hopes and aspirations for the future.
For us, the abuse of a child is not only murder, but an act of genocide.
For us, this is not a belief, but a fundamental fact, an organic law of life.

For your edification, the detection of child abuse was simple and infallible.
Any adult suspected was examined with an MC, short for Mendacity Capacity.
An MC is a device, that after placed over the eye, can instantly detect a lie.
And by the way, a child found falsely accusing his parents was sent to a
C.C.C., short for Creative Channeling Center.
Some of our most innovative thinkers were graduates of C.C.C.,
and of course, it was a source for some of our best Tale Spinning exhibitionists,
or what you would call actors.

The universe is infinite.
We are not.
We have the potential to be immortal, but that is not the same as infinite.
Immortality is one aspect of the infinite, not its totality.
Immortality is to talk the talk and the infinite is to walk the walk.

Again, the universe is infinite.
We are not.
As conscious beings we know this.
We know we never can know the unknowable.
But because we are Homos, Sapiens or Marcion,
we eternally thirst for an expression of this truth.

Humans created beautiful children’s tales to express this universal need.
Humans called them religion.
We Homo Marcions quench our thirst differently.
We, individually,
without thought or feeling,
intuit the unknowable every htaerb of our life.
But like snowflakes, every Homo Marcion has his or her individual take on it.

On the other hand, once a year, we never know when it will erupt,
all Marcions throughout the solar system and beyond,
nano or normal size, asleep or awake,
stop whatever they are doing and let out a cry of joy for .000000076 shtaerbs or 42 seconds.
This happens spontaneously and in unison. We don’t know why, and we don’t care.
All we do know is that this pan species cluster ejaculation of life joy
was born with the arrival of the JEWCE.
We call it ALIVE!

With this general overview done,
let us move on to what I am sure you are dying, or living, to know,
the present state of our solar system.