up yours, Up Yours!

since both life and these 42 transmissions are short,
let us be graphically blunt.

ESFK is not some crass nihilistic concept.
It is also not an assertion that the sum of our existence is merely an expression of ESFK.

But at the same token,
to deny the basic simple truth of ESFK,
to ignore the reality, brutal as it may be, of ESFK,
and to denigrate the fundamental and profound isness of ESFK
is to live in Cloud Cuckoo Land.

Or in the words of Will Lovid:

What we think and feel we do
has very little to do
with what we do do -
coo coo ca choo...

The Pathnawi - Vol. II, Book 4, Chapter 3

We Marcions have a profound respect for all and everything.
All and everything is alive,
all and everything is connected,
and all and everything is impacted by our expression of ESFK.

It is the intergalactic truth that the cosmos accepts our ESFK
with an Impartial Indifference with what humankind called Divine,
and Marcionkind call
It Is What It Is and That Is All That It Is - More Or Less
Perhaps there is not a large difference between our concepts,
but there is certainly a small difference,
and it is this small difference which looms large.

For many humans the Divine is without,
whereas for all Marcions
It Is What It Is and That Is All That It Is - More Or Less,
is both within and without.

In the total acceptance of
It Is What It Is and That Is All That It Is - More Or Less,
the Homo Marcion does not waste one single htaerb
in pretending their life is not based on ESFK.
In so doing, not one nano iota of life’s energy is spent in keeping a lie alive,
the lie being that the four pillars of our existence is not based on ESFK.
It is this ability NOT to lie
that frees up the Big Mind to have and to play
with the 42 wildly divergent and in-depth disciplines.
For it is not what you do, but what you do not do,
which allows you to do all that is possible
and all that the little mind considers impossible to do.

Well, enough of this heavy S.

Let us have a change of pace in the final 2 transmissions.
I have two surprises for you.
In Transmission 41 you will see Fractalla J’s portrait of me.
One of her 42 passions is Portraiture a la Earth Botticelli Mode,
and though I am of course not objective, I think she is quite talented.

Fractalla J really has captured not only my likeness,
but also a certain indefinable inner quality of my being.

And in Transmission 42, I will do what I said what I wouldn’t do because I couldn’t do.
I will explain to you the Law of 42.
So, without further ado
- a one ana two -
here comes da 41 an da 42...