Ahhhh!!!! Ooooooo!! Yeeessss!
up yours, Up Yours!

Whew! That was soooo




Excuse me, but we just had our annual ALIVE! ejaculation.

Take me just a moment...

to recov...



Yes Yes Yes

OK, just a htaerb, I’ll be with you...

OK OK - I'm back.

Where was I? Oh yes, the planets.

Mercury and Venus

Mercury and Venus house all Homo Marcion medical facilities.
With the advent of the JEWCE, we discovered the miraculous curative powers of
sunlight and sexual energy.

For every disease, every wound, every malady conceivable and inconceivable,
there is an appropriate dosage of sunlight administered through a biogenetic crystal called the
Jism Prism.

It calibrates a therapeutic blend of sunlight and sexual energy
which instantly terminates any and all cellular malfunction.

In the simplest of terms, it is what you humans called optogenetic neuromodulation,
or light to the brain,
but on a level I could not possibly explain.
Again, the science behind this is so far beyond anything you could possibly understand.
I mean, and don’t take this personally, it is not your fault,
but how would you explain the technology of your day to say, a human caveman.
Impossible, right?

Imagine, if you will, an entity that can restore any cell,
no matter how damaged and diseased, to its former health and vigor.
This is the Jism Prism.

Mercury and Venus’s close proximity to the sun provides us
with the required intense dosage of sunlight.
Depending on the severity and type of ailment,
a varying number of orbits around Mercury
in an intensive care HoneyDome is then prescribed.
For the duration the patient is enveloped in a specifically
calibrated Jism Prism.

This is followed by a prescribed number of recovery orbits around Venus
in one of our out-patient HoneyDomes,
enveloped by the milder Jism Prism Junior.
For all lesser medical emergencies, such as any and all cancers,
amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, lupus, heart disease, diabetes or multiple sclerosis,
all can be easily taken care of
with one or two Venusian out-patient HoneyDome orbits.

Why don’t we take a break?
You can absorb this info, and I can dry off from the ALIVE! ejaculation.
See you next on our Mother Earth.