up yours, Up Yours!


Earth, our cherished mother,
is now and shall always be a solar system park and preserve.
The entire planetary history and biology, through cloning and DNA restoration,
has been lovingly restored to its natural glory and splendor.
Each of the seven continents display six bygone eras of earth’s seminal past.
The 42nd, and thus the last, ends with arrival of Homo Marcion,
.004242 htaerbs in your future, or 400 years.
It is inhabited and managed by Homo Sapiens.
Here is a some more about that for how that came about.

No Homo Marcion lives there, we only visit.
Every year, .4242 htaerbs,or 42 million, of us, for 00000000024-48, or 12 months,
in groups .067or .076 htaerbs, or six or seven million,
make the grand tour of our great mother.
Reservations take htaerbs and htaerbs to get, that is years,
but as someone who had made the pilgrimage, it is certainly well worth it.

To witness such marvels
as an infant dinosaur birth, or the Hanging Gardens of Babylonia,
or a quaint particle accelerator, or a delightfully primitive shopping mall,
to name but a few, was a fascinating trip down memory lane.
Homo Sapiens are our hosts and tour guides,
and I must say their knowledge, graciousness, humility and service
is out of this solar system.


We long ago came to the realization that you, our ancestors, as a species,
had not only a craving, but a need, for both sport and warfare.
We also long ago came to the realization that, despite the JEWCE,
we inherited this innate and connate propensity.

The body, Sapiens or Marcion, is hard-wired to express itself physically.
We call it the ‘walk the dog’, or in sophisticated circles, the OP.

The Ocelot Principle stems from the fact,
that if deprived of feathered prey to pluck the feathers from,
the ocelot,
whose coat is the most magnificent of any and all living creatures,
will pluck its own fur till it’s covered with bloody, matted sores.

For, in spite of what an individual mind may conceive as possible,
we all collectively need an aggression outlet.

some may gaily bray 'Ole´!'
while others may sadly say 'Oy Vey!'
but hey
we may nay delay to convey
that the eternal play of predator and prey
is in our DNA

This is an irrefutable, organic law of nature.

What follows is the Homo Marcion solution.

First, we combined sports and warfare into one event.
I mean, what is the difference, one is merely a sublimation of the other.

Again to explain the actual rules and regulations would be hopelessly tedious and complicated.
If you could imagine a game where every form of sport and warfare ever conceived is
combined into one,
you would then have a rudimentary understanding.

Every year is one season. Every season is divided into four periods.
The four periods begin and end
with the Mars vernal and autumnal equinox and summer and winter solstice.
The latter date is the finals where the ISbAEaAQB Bowl is played.
The results of the
Incredibly Stupid But Absolutely Essential And Actually Quite Beautiful Bowl
declare the seasons’ victors.

The winners receive an added year to their life span, while the losers lose one.
This is why some of our greatest athlete warriors are also some of our oldest Marcions.

Whether one is a participant, spectator or neither doesn’t matter.
For in the 4th sub delegation of the 38th delegation of the brain, lies the empathic zone,
or the I Get It.
The I Get It, combined with the JEWCE,
lets even the vicarious experience be as ‘cathartic’ as the actual one.

The upshot of this is that it has been many many shtaerbs,
at least six or seven generations,
since we have experienced the agony and suffering of war.

On to the rock pile.