up yours, Up Yours!


A mere .000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001-1%
of the prison population comes from our Homo Marcions.
All the rest derive from your fellow Homo Sapiens.

We believe this vast discrepancy is because Homo Sapiens,
even to this day, have rejected our child-rearing practices.
Your aphorism of No Pain No Gain we have altered to No Pain No Cain.

The actual physical prisons are modified HoneyDomes attached to an asteroid.
Each prisoner has nothing but a pickax and a copy of Dugless Atom’s Book,
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Invariably after a short period of physical labor and the Great Book,
a spiritual awakening occurs.
Upon successfully passing a MC exam, you remember the Mendacity Capacity,
the prisoner returns rehabilitated to earth.

Many, in fact, become wise and respected leaders of their society.
We call it the Mandela Effect,
named after, coincidentally, a great Homo Sapiens of your age.
And so, here is yet another way we Homo Marcions turn lowly dross into gold.

Before we continue to the Gas Giants and the Rock Runt,
I think the moment has come for me to reveal why it is that I have contacted you.
I believe you are now ready to take on another level of understanding of
my present and your far future.
As the athletes of your day would say,Ar yoo redy fur sum futbahl!?!