Miass River Sunrise

Each day on planet Earth can have a serene beginning at sunrise as the sky gently
grows bright over a golden eastern horizon. This sunrise panorama seems to show such
a moment on the winter morning of February 15. In the mist, a calm, mirror-like stretch
of the Miass River flows through the foreground along a frosty landscape near Chelyabinsk,
Russia. But the long cloud wafting through the blue sky above is the evolving persistent
train of the Chelyabinsk Meteor. The vapor trail was left by the space rock that exploded
over the city only 18 minutes earlier, causing extensive damage and injuring over 1,000
people. A well-documented event, the numerous webcam and dashcam video captures
from the region soon contributed to a reconstruction of the meteor's trajectory and an initial
orbit determination. Preliminary findings indicate the parent meteoriod belonged to the
Apollo class of Earth crossing asteroids.