What is an Actor?

An actor is humanity's mirror.
An actor is a reflection of both what is within and without.
An actor, through the ability of inner and outer observation, reflects life.
An actor absorbs the experience of life,
and through the play of the mind, creates a personal reflection.
An actor need not be concerned whether one's individuality is being expressed or not.
This will manifest itself by the uniqueness of one's own being.
An actor does not impose a vision, but rather, allows it to emerge.
An actor's task is to get out of one's own way,
to allow the inter-play of the mind to express itself.
An actor should never concern himself with results.
An actor's concern is with the creation of an environment within.
An actor's attention should never be on what one is creating,
but how one is creating.
The art of acting lies within the capacity of the actor to create an inner environment
whereby the child-within
can arise, breathe, be heard, and play.

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