up yours, Up Yours!


Death is violent, death is peaceful.

Death is the end, death is the beginning.

Death is life unknown and therefore death is the gateway to chaos, and
chaos is where all life becomes whatever it becomes.

Pluto reflects this chaos.


Because Pluto, more specifically Pluto’s orbit,
unlike any other planet in our solar system, is chaotic.
For after intervals of more than 10-20 million years,
Pluto’s precise orbital position,
also unlike any other planet in our solar system,
is impossible to predict.

This to the Homo Marcion mind makes for the perfect metaphor for the passage from
this life we know to that life we do not know.

Enough of the metaphysical, let us get down to the simple physical.
But first, though I dispensed with the former, and am about to reveal the latter,
a brief moment in the metaphorical is required to bridge the two.

For our arrival on Pluto brings us to the Homo Marcion cherished moment of VKB,
the abbreviation for Venetia Katherine Burney.
And what pray tell is a moment of VKB and who pray tell is Venetia Katherine Burney?

Let me explain.

In your February of your year 1930, this ninth planet was discovered by Homo Sapiens.
An international symposium of astronomers
was unable to come up with a name for this new discovery.
This impasse was even discussed in your primitive media where...

On the morning of your 14th of March of your 1930, the 11 year old Venetia
was sitting down to breakfast in the dining room of her house in north Oxford, England, Earth,
where she lived with her grandfather Falconer Madan.
Mr. Madan, who was retired as librarian at the Oxford University library,
was reading a mutilated tree of news.
When he got to a passage about the new planet's discovery, he remarked on it to Venetia.
Without a htaerb of hesitation, little Miss Burney uttered this:

“Why not call it Pluto?”

Her grandfather was so impressed with the name Pluto,
it being the ancient Earth Roman name for the god of the underworld,
he went straight to his friend Herbert Hall Turner,
professor of astronomy at the University of Oxford,
and one of the leaders in the worldwide effort to produce a name for this new planet.
It was instantly heralded as the most perfect of names,
and where among many knowledgeable men there had been disagreement and confusion,
there now was light and clarity.

At the time, this moment of VKB
was considered by you humans as nothing more than an amusing anecdote,
but we Marcionians know it to be a
manifestation of the highest form of conscious life.

For in the beautiful, unvarnished mind of a young female,
of any species,
lives life at its most refined, most brilliant, most death defying.
Yes, even eternal death stands in awe,
and momentarily defers to the
blinding, luminous glow emanating from a budding feminine mind.!.
I’ll be back in a htaerb...




Excuse the outburst...
Listen, while I compose myself
why don't you take a look at this image capture of the young Venetia.
And remember, centuries in the far future it will be a symbol to all that is sacred.
We'll talk again in a few htaerbs...