up yours, Up Yours!

In your time there was a great mystery.

How did, what you called autistic savants, perform their incredible mental feats?
Incredible that is, to you, but to us, oh so ho-hum.
In your time it was thought that only a few socially defective individuals were capable,
for some unknown reason, to make use of these ‘exceptional’ skills.

The arrival of Homo Marcion and the JEWCE changed all that.

These rare abilities became the norm.
But unlike your autistic savants who were limited to one or maybe two
prodigious flowers of talent,
every Marcion is born with access to a whole bouquet.

Today, the Marcion brain
has a computational skill and mnemonic capacity that you can only dream of.
Today, the Marcion brain
has a gargantuan breadth that would take your breath away.
And, we have none of the debilitating psychological and social problems
your autistic savants suffered from, some more about that.

Now, one consequence of this is that we have no need for that fire box
you are staring at right now.
This mental butler you call a computer is within us.
Not only that, the capacity of the Homo Marcion brain has the computational prowess of
42 of your IBM Roadrunners,
some more about that.

Stand between two facing mirrors, take a peek in either one,
and you then can catch a glimpse of the depth and breadth of the Marcion brain.
And to access it,
all we need do is make subtle, internal, mental and physical adjustments.
How we do this I will explain a little later, but before we go any further,
there is yet another aspect of the Marcion brain I need introduce you to.

Why don’t you first digest the above ramifications and then when we meet again,
we’ll deep sea dive in the fathoms of what we call FSS or
Fugal Spectrum Synesthesia.