up yours, Up Yours!

Fractal E: OK

Fractalla E: OK

Fractal E: OOOOOO

Fractalla E: KAAAAAY!

Fractal E: We get

Fractalla E: the picture. Sheesh,

Fractal E: I can’t help

Fractalla E: feeling the op

Fractal E: posite of schaden

Fractalla E: freude.

Fractalla B: Wha?.. sha da...wha?

Fractal J: (me) Sha-den-freude. It is a Teutonic human word that means joy in the suffering
of others. I think the E’s are trying to tell us that the T’s joy is making them miserable.

Fractalla B: Oh, that’s nice.

Fractalla E: O

Fractal E: for

Fractalla E: crying out

Fractal E: loud!

Fractalla J: Oh come look! There’s a beautiful Stromboli! some more about that .

Fractalla B: Ooooooo!

Fractel B: Pretty colors!

Fractal T: Splen

Fractalla T: di

Fractal T: fer

Fractalla T: ous!!

Fractalla E: O My Jupiter

Fractal E: that is the most gorgeous sight

Fractalla E: I’ve seen since I saw snow

Fractal E: in earth America’s Central park!

A silence fell over us as we gazed at the eruption. Then...

Fractalla J: (Softly) I don’t know why, but this reminds me of the first lines
of Lovid’s Tale Spin verbal ditty WHY...

why does a kitten
lose its wonder smitten?

why does a young girl
lose her swine before pearl?

O, why does fire
lose passion to aspire?

why does time
lose sight of a crime?

and O, why does an earth
lose rotation wonder birth?

Another pregnant silence. Then...

Fractel B: I just farted.

Fractalla B: How sweet.