A Jupiter-Io Montage from New Horizons

As the New Horizons spacecraft sweeps through the Solar System,
it is taking breathtaking images of the planets.In February of
last year, New Horizons passed Jupiter and the ever-active
Jovian moon Io. In this montage, Jupiter was captured in three
bands of infrared light making the Great Red Spot look white.
Complex hurricane-like ovals, swirls, and planet-ringing bands
are visible in Jupiter's complex atmosphere. Io is digitally
superposed in natural color. Fortuitously, a plume was emanating
from Io's volcano Tvashtar. Frost andsulfuric lava cover the
volcanic moon,while red-glowing lava is visible beneath the blue
sunlight-scatteringplume. The robotic New Horizons spacecraft is
on track to arrive at Pluto in 2015.